Renewable Energy

For a long time now, mankind has been using fossil fuels for their energy production and now, due to the overuse of it, we now have reached the stage of it where it has almost been completely used and exhausted. The energy produced at these power plants might undoubtedly be in an excessive amount, but due to these energy production houses, the earth which was once full of life has become dull and is dying.

When we compare fossil fuel alongside renewable resources, without a doubt, the scale is bound to tip towards renewable resources as they help in providing all the benefits just as fossil fuels do without the negative aftermath. If you still don’t believe that the time of going green and using renewable resources has arrived, then the following are 6 benefits of renewable energy which are going to change your thinking.


1) Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

This is one of the main benefits as using renewable energy not only helps curb the emission of greenhouse gases which are harmful to the environment, but by doing so, it also ensures that no form of health issue occurs in the human body. The greenhouse emission is one of the main reasons why the ozone layer of the earth in depleting, which is a significant cause for concern for humans, as the UV rays which penetrate the earth’s atmosphere can be deadly to the human life. Hence, the application and use of renewable energy have been extremely beneficial to humanity as a whole.

2) It helps diversify our energy supply

Rather than focusing only on fossil fuels for the generation of energy, we can now use renewable energy which is present in abundance on earth and harvest electricity from various forms of energy. Hydro, solar, and wind are just a few of the examples of the kind of powers using which we can generate clean energy without causing any type of problems to the environment.

3) Creates jobs

This is one such factor which is present in both forms of energy, as even working in the fossil fuel industry to produce electricity does get a person a job. But the type of work in the renewable energy sector is much more safer than working in the coal mines or the ocean beds where the risk of losing one’s life is exceptionally high.

4) Improve public health

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most essential benefits on this list, as by using various renewable forms of energy, we can help keep people safe and healthy for an extended period of time. The use of fossil fuel generally leads to massive emissions of carbon dioxide and many other chemicals into the air, which are incredibly harmful to human health. But by using renewable energy, health issues like asthma, carbon dioxide poisoning and various other health-related problems can be reduced massively.

5) Provides individual energy independence

This is one of the coolest factors amongst all, as it can even help you make money. Installing solar panels near or on the top of the house can help you create and use your own electricity without having to pay utility companies for power supply. You even have the option for supplying the additional stored energy which you don’t have use for and can charge utility companies in return if they want to use the power you have generated and stored.

6) Saves money

Investing in renewable forms of energy is just like investing in real estate as it does require a one-time investment which is usually a massive amount but as time passes by it slowly starts to pay for itself and the returns outgrow the investment in a big way. On the contrary, the fossil fuel industry requires a lot of money first to build the energy-producing station and then to buy fossil fuel before starting the whole process of generating energy.







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