Energy efficient capabilities in the machines we use are one of the most important things that we need to look for when we purchase a product because we need to save every bit of energy we can get. There surely is an energy crisis in our world, and we need to do everything we can to preserve what we have. Either we find a way to produce more electricity, or we save what we have. Because let’s get real here, fossil fuels can last us another 50 years, and that is all. After that humanity will either plummet into a pit of chaos or we can find a way to come up with an energy source that can give us more energy than solar, wind or hydroelectricity.

Right now all we civilians can do is use energy efficient products which don’t give us a hefty electricity bill. Most appliances which are sold nowadays are ‘energy star certified’ which means that they use less energy than other conventional counterparts. They do indeed come at a premium price which makes many customers wonder if it’s worth it. Trust me; in the long run, it is indeed worth it. The amount of electricity expenses that you save can buy you another appliance. You need to think of that product that you are buying as an investment that will reduce your energy bill in the coming years. Well, of course, the amount you save would be dependent on the appliances you use.

–    Clothes dryers do indeed consume as much electricity as a refrigerator and dishwasher combined, but with an energy star efficient one, you can save more than 20% electricity and probably around $200 of your bill.

–    Clothes washers/ washing machines which are energy certified can use less than 40-50% less energy than a standard appliance and even 60% less water. $50 can also be saved on your electricity bill.



–    Refrigerators have had some fantastic advances in the energy saving business in the last couple of years, even though they seem like a product that would consume a lot of electricity, they indeed don’t consume as much as a washer. You will have up to 40% of energy saved when compared to a traditional fridge.

–    A computer monitor, ceiling fan, heaters and coolers, all of these products benefit immensely from the energy star efficiency program and end up cutting your bills by a ton.

–    One of the best options for you to save electricity is to install solar panels for your house. This way you will be using renewable, green electricity which you don’t even have to pay for. Tesla has had considerable strides in this business, so if you do get these panels, they will literally save you thousands of dollars worth of bills.

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